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The French company Meccano, through it's Dinky
division, first released its 1/43 scale model of the
Series I GTE in May of 1963 and continued production
through 1970. It was generally painted Red or
Metallic Blue, but Mauve and Green cars have been
noted. The model featured a hood that opened to
reveal a minimalist engine and a trunk that opened as
well. It had jeweled headlights and yellow painted
fog lights. It was the first Dinky model to have a
painted underside (Black) and featured "fingertip
steering", which meant that the spring mounted axles
turned when you leaned the car. One disappointment
is the wheels, which are flat, not spoked.

The box is quite colorful and lively, which makes it
very popular with collectors. It also makes it hard
to find.
DINKY #515
A blue on beige GTE.
Photo curtesy of Yvo Alexander

DINKY #515
A Blue on Beige GTE.
Photos curtesy of Yvo Alexander

DINKY #515
This example has been repainted at some point in its life,
as this is not an official Dinky color. I have included
it here because because I have close-up pictures. The trunk
appears to be missing an inside piece on this example.