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Stamp (Congo)
Date Unknown
A Postage Stamp from the
Republic of Congo featuring the GTE.
Stamp (Guinee)
Date Unknown
A Postage Stamp from the Republic of Guinee featuring the GTE.
Stamp (Zambia)
Date Unknown
Just because the Zambian government says this car is a GTE, doesn't necessarily make it so.

Stamps that I need more information on:

Monaco has a GTE Stamp

AMR makes a 1/43 scale GTE in Red. A Canadian GTE owner had his car converted to a Cabriolet and had AMR made this model of it.
Bandai makes one metal model of the GTE in 1/43 scale and a tin 1/20 scale version (in two colors) with a friction motor.
Bang makes at least 14 GTE models in a variety of colors and covering the prototypes through the Series III. All are metal, 1/43 scale and quite detailed.
BBR makes the one of the most detailed models of the GTE out there. They have produced 8 models in 1/43 scale, 7 assembled and one in kit form.
Dannini Modelli
Dannini Modelli makes a 1/43 scale metal model which is not the most detailed, but feels right.
DeA or De Agnostini
Though manufactured by De Agonostini, the car is stamped DeA. DeA has one metal model of a GTE in 1/43 scale; a reproduction of the GTE police car.
Dinky (France)
Dinky made the metal model #515 of the GTE in 1/43 scale in Red and Blue. The colorful box makes this car very collectible.
Esdo (France)
Esdo made a1/43 Resin model in White, Blue, Metallic Gray, Black & 2 shades of Red
Billed as the official model of Ferrari, this car does not have the name IXO or Fabbri anywhere on the car or packaging. It is a metal Series I GTE in 1/43 scale.
MDS Racing
MDS Racing made a limited edition series of 50 Series II GTE's in 1/18 scale. This large scale makes for beautifully detaileded models and a price to match.
Provence Moulage (France)
Provence Moulage made 1/43 plastic scale models of GTE's in both assembled and a unassembled forms.
Solido (France)
Solido made 1/43 metal models of the GTE under their name and later reissued it under the name Verem.
Solido reissued their GTE under the Verem named in 1980's. The box is different, but the model is the same.
W Toys
W Toys made a 1/20 scale remote controlled GTE in Red and White.
These are GTE models of unknown manufacture. Please email me if you know who made them.

Models that I need more information on:

Brosol - 1/43, made under license from Solido
Clifford - 1/24 Red with friction-motor
Dalia - 1/43, made under license from Solido
Glamour - 1/43 Black (made by Varem)
Glamour - 1/43 Police Car (made by Varem)
MG # 1829B - 1/18 Black Police Car
Poliglas or Polistol- 1/41 plastic
Unknown - 1:32 Says "Ferrari 220SE" on box

Phone Cards (Great Britian)
Date Unknown
Phone debit cards showing unusual Police Cars, including the GTE.
Trading Card (Great Britian)
Date Unknown
A Trading Card featuring the GTE.
Trading Card (Finland)
Date Unknown
A Trading Card that I believe came from Panda Chocolates.
Stickers (Unknown)
Date Unknown
A sticker from SportsCarStickers with three Ferraris, including the GTE.

Postcard (France)
Posted in 1985
A postcard of Paris that happens to show a GTE driving down the street.
Postcard (Germany)
Date Unknown
A Postcard of the GTE.

250 GTE Register Pin (United States)
Date Unknown
Len Miller had these pins made for early members of the 250 GTE Register.
Painting (United States)
Date Unknown
A Painting of the GTE by Malcolm Davies.