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Auto Ferrari (Belgium)
I can't read this one but it has some nice photos of a Blue on Tan GTE.
Ferrarissima (Italy)
Bruno Alfieri give a casual history of the creation of the GTE and his trip from Milan to Paris in the back seat.
Northern Prancer (Canada)
January 2000
I do not have this magazine yet.
Sports Car Market (United States)
January 20,2000
A light overview of the GTE focusing primarily on its market value.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari (Netherlands)
June 2000
I cannot read this article, but it has photos of Ferrari's outdoors, including a GTE.
Classic & Sports Car (England)
October 20,2000
A very passionate look at the GTE.. "It effortlessly marries demure sophistication with a ready-for-anything swagger...". Love it!
Forza (United States)
April 2001
In this interview, Dick Merritt gives us an oveview of the 48(!) Ferrari's he has owned so far, including 2 GTE's.
Ruoteclassiche (Italy)
May 20,2001
The beautiful photos are what stand out on this road test of the GTE. Translation provided by the car's owner, Roberto Olivo.
Rosso (United States)
September 2001
This is a nice overview of the history of the Ferrari 2+2's. Shows the GTE's place in Ferrari's history.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari(Netherlands)
October 2001
Yvo Alexandar takes his GTE on a Ralley in the Netherlands.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari(Netherlands)
November 2001
Clem Berghuis attends a Ralley in the Netherlands that includes GTE's.
Onschatbare Klassieker(Netherlands)
November 2001
A lot of really great photos. Check out the restored engine in pieces! Translation by Ria van Daalen Wetters.
Carros (Netherlands)
January 2002
This magazine, which I cannot read, photographs a bunch of vintage Ferrari's in an abandoned factory. Beautiful.
Cavallino (United States)
February 2002
"2+2=Near Perfection" Another excellent history of the GTE by Alan Boe. Reproduced with permission of the author.
Passione Auto (United States)
June 20,2002
A very brief overview of the GTE from a website.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari (Netherlands)
October 2002
I cannot read this article, but I think it is about the Dries families collection of Ferrari's.
Carros (Netherlands)
February 3,2003
I do not have this magazine yet.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari (Netherlands)
March 2003
This appears to be the story of the purchase of GTE Sn.3961. Includes a list of GTE's in the Netherlands.
Auto Motor Klassiek (Holland)
May 20,2003
This appears to be a very detailed overview of the GTE, but I cannot read it, so am not sure.
Ferrari (United States)
Summer 2003
Looks like someone brought a GTE to the Ferrari Club of America's Spring Ball.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari (Netherlands)
September 2003
Yvo Alexandar takes his GTE on the Three Castles Tour.
Ferrari (England)
October 2003
Paul and Sue Skinner take their GTE on a trip to a Ferrari sponsored day at Nurburgring. Sounds like a great time!
Prancing Horse (United States)
October 2003
I do not have this magazine yet.
QV500 (United States)
November 20,2003
A brief overview of the GTE from a website. Its focus is primarily on value.
Ferrari Collection (France)
A general overview of the GTE with specifications.
Classic & Sports Car (England)
January 20,2004
This is actually a shootout between the Daytona and the 575M. However, the GTE is mentioned in a sidebar about other famous GT's.
Autowereld (Belgium)
April 20,2004
This looks like a good road test, but I can't read it.
Forza (United States)
May 2004
Yvo Alexander's GTE is shown at a Dutch vintage car show.
Retro Viseur (France)
May 2004
This appears to be a very extensive road test. Looks like they covered some ground!
Ferrari (England)
June 2004
"Back in the 60's, you had a touch of class if you drove one of these cars" Good enough for me!
Ferrari (United States)
Fall 2004
A group of members of the Ferrari Owners Club, including one with a GTE, go to Le Mans.
Octane (United States)
October 20,2004
A very glossy, beautiful set of photos of the various cars of the 250 series. Some of the worst editing I have ever seen, though.
Sempre Ferrari (United States)
November 20,2004
A GTE was present at the Palos Verdes, CA concours.
Classic & Sports Car (Great Britian)
December 2004
I do not have this magazine yet.
Ferrari News (England)
December 2004
Someone took a GTE on the track at Prestwold.
Prancing Horse (United States)
December 2004
I do not have this magazine yet.
Berlinetta (France)
January 2005
A GTE was present at a Ferrari fundraiser for The Very Special Kids Foundation in Melbourne, Australia.
Auto Italia (England)
January 20,2005
They hit the nail on the head when they said "Sadly, it suffers the kiss of death to aging Italian exotica - it has four seats".
Thoroughbred & Classiccars (Great Britian)
February 20,2005 (England)
The GTE is briefly mentioned in a photo essay of the Ferrari 250's.
Gli Amici Della Ferrari (Netherlands)
March 2005
An article on Prince Barnhard and his Ferrari's shows him standing with a GTE.
250 GTE & 330 America Buyer's Guide (United States)
September 2005
Ferrari Forum wrote this excellent guide to the GTE. Great information and driving impressions from owners.
Forza (United States)
October 2005
When their panel chose Ferrari's top ten road cars ever, the GTE was rated Number 8! Jim Sitz, a Forza writer, rated it number 1.
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (England)
December 2005
Tom Shaugnessey with yet another of his barn find GTE's (SN 3941).
Forza (United States)
April 2006
Ferrari's best driving cars. We didn't win, but got votes from Ed Gilbertson and Dick Merritt!. Too new to post on this site.
Il Cavallino Rampante (United States)
May 2006
Photo of Sam Smith and his GTE in the magazine of the Mid-Atlantic FCA.
La Strada (France)
December 2006
Talk about Ferrari's that were meant to be driven! This GTE Ralley driver did not let a little blizzard ruin his day. Too new to post on this site.
Ferrari Yearbook (Italy)
Robert Olivio took GTE SN 3373 on the Paris en Rouge event and it was covered in the Ferrari Yearbook!
Pebble Beach Insider (United States)
March 2008
Who would had thought that Randy Ema, Duesenberg restorer extraordinaire drove a GTE?
Forza (United States)
May 2008
Tom Yang's 330 America wins an award at the Corning, NY concours. Too new to post on this site.
Sports Car Market (United States)
May 2008
A critique of GTE # 3395 that had recently sold at Bonham's. Too new to post on this site.
Forza (United States)
June 2008
Philip Fecher's and another GTE at the Stamford, CT concours. Too new to post on this site.
Road & Track (United States)
December 2008
Todd Coady's GTE gets a Road & Track Award at the Bobby Rahal Historic Races near Chicago. Too new to post on this site.